Submittal Sheets

Browse and search through the collection using the filters. Find the most up-to-date list of Multi Fittings submittal sheets here. These sheets help prepare your design plans as they provide you with specific information such as product layout and dimensions along with a variety of sizes the products are offered in.

Non-Pressure Fittings

Pressure Fittings

4″ PVC DWV Combo Wye (HxHxH)

8″x4″ DR18 CIOD 45° Wye (BxBxB)

8×4″ Gasketed SDR35 Sewer Fittings 45° Wye (GxGxG)

8″x4″ Gasketed SDR35 45° Elbow (SxG)

8″x4″ Gasketed SDR26 45° Wye (GxGxG)

4” Gasketed SDR26 45° Elbow (SxG)