About Us

About Multi Fittings

Since 1954, Multi Fittings has been in the business of designing and manufacturing PVC fittings for the municipal water and sewer market. Today, with the widest range of injection-molded fittings on the market and with millions of fittings sold, we meet the needs of more contractors, engineers, and distributors than any other manufacturer.
Products that perform to Higher Standards
With state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing, Multi Fittings is continually developing and marketing products that exceed the industry’s highest quality and performance standards. Every fitting is painstakingly researched, engineered, manufactured and certified to deliver longer life, easier installation, and greater value for our customers.
Service delivered to Higher Standards
Multi Fittings maintains the industry’s most comprehensive and experienced sales and support network, backed by distribution centers strategically located across North America. It’s no wonder Multi Fittings is the brand contractors have been turning to for over 50 years.

Commitment To Higher Standards

At Multi Fittings, our fittings are engineered tough to dramatically reduce callbacks for dig-up and repair and to lower maintenance costs over the life of the system. But more importantly, we continuously challenge ourselves to create stronger, longer-lasting fittings that provide leak-proof performance.

Our philosophy extends into every step of our manufacturing process. All of our fittings are made of noncorroding PVC, a material virtually immune to attack from aggressive soils and chemicals. Our innovative bottle-tight gasketed joints, keep potable water clean and sewage in the pipe system where it belongs. Our R&D teams create fittings tough enough to endure higher impact forces, heavier loads and more punishment on the jobsite than any other fittings in the market.

Research & Development

At Multi Fittings, we listen to our customers and respond by continually developing new products to meet their needs. We combine scientific knowledge with the latest advances in plastics and processes to develop quality products with significant advantages over competing plastic and metal systems.

Out of the lab and into the field

Our R&D teams understand the real world often presents a tougher test than the lab. From the shifting sands of California to the swampy muck of Florida to the frozen clay of Alaska; Multi Fittings works closely with engineers in the field to understand the stresses and conditions of the most challenging environments. We talk to engineers, contractors and workers to better understand the limitations of conventional fittings. This helps us to identify critical improvements needed to engineer better fittings

A track record of industry firsts

This attitude of using customer feedback to further innovation is evident in hundreds of our product features. You can also find it in countless breakthrough ideas and achievements from developing the first “one-piece” gasketed sewer fitting in 1982 to producing the industry’s largest injection-molded PVC fitting in 2005.