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Our products are developed to withstand higher impact forces
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Multi Fittings produces the widest range of injection-molded fittings for pressurized water mains and sewer forcemains, gravity flow sewers and drain, waste and vent applications across the United States.

Higher standards
Municipalities today are faced with escalating maintenance costs associated with decaying water and sewer infrastructure from past generations.  For this reason, it is more critical than ever that repairs and new additions be designed for longer life and less maintenance.   This is why we at Multi Fittings design our fittings to perform above and beyond all applicable industry standards.  Applying more than 50 years of Multi Fittings knowledge and experience, every detail of every product has been thoroughly researched, engineered, tested and manufactured in order to build a superior, more robust fitting.

Higher performance
Our fittings are developed to withstand higher impact forces, heavier underground loads and higher degrees of jobsite punishment than any other fittings on the market.  The result is complete lines of durable, longer-lasting fittings that reduce dig-up and repair costs for contractors, reduce ongoing maintenance costs for municipalities, and provide superior leak-proof performance to help reduce the demand on water and wastewater treatment facilities.

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